Free way to plan your language trip

How it works?

1. Browse Aggregator

Blangua is a global aggregator of language schools. Using our aggregator you can choose the best option from the fullest list of schools for English, German, Italian, Spanish and French languages. Here you can find 1000+ schools with actual courses and prices.

We always stay in touch, so when you want to clarify something, contact school via Blangua: send your question and you’ll get an answer in a couple of days.

2. Use Language Trip Planner

The Language Trip Planner is a perfect tool for comparing offers in different places worldwide. Compare courses by type, intensity and duration.

3. Wish List

Save your favorite courses to Wish List to review them any time.

After you’ve saved any course to your Wish List, you can also browse Wish Lists of like-minded people.

4. Apply Easily

Ready to apply for a course?

You can do it from a course list page or your Wish List. Fill in an Application Form and send it to the school. You’ll get a reply usually within 2-4 days.

Enjoy your life!

Study at language school, meet a lot of new friends and get amazing impressions!