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The intensive course is designed for those who want to learn French quickly and intensively by experienced professors with excellent qualities. 
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Our objective as a language school

Our objective is to propose an experience of learning the French language that would be as complete and humane as possible, for the best prices we can afford to offer.

Therefore, the independant AAA language institute strives to offer advantages such as participation in some free classes and some free cultural activities, we also offer competitive prices and help for you to find housing.

However, we believe that the real advantage of studying at the AAA independant institure is to be able, while studying, to learn more about one's own life as a human being. By studying a language and experiencing it firsthand through culture, we believe that one can forge a stronger spirit.

Visiting AAA isn't only about wanting to learn the French language, it is about building a career and meaning in life. It is simply about learning more about oneself, by experiencing, through life in a foreign country, the culture shock of entering a new world, source of emotion, joy, regrets, sometimes sadness, but also accomplishment.

The AAA language school perceives the words building the language through the angle of these emotions, and their link to listening and talking. For those who come study with us, there is no standard French language, but rather individual French words with their own specific traits. The belief that justifies the existence of our school, is that words are merely the mirror of one's soul.

AAA provides opportunities to pursue an inquiry into the question – “What is real independent human being?”. Learning a language is not simply acquiring a communication tool but is a process of developing oneself. By learning French at AAA, each participant will be able to think and act by her/himself, and take responsible for what s/he is.

Over the course of history and the progress of civilization, people have lost the true sense of humanity. As capitalism started dominating the world, we have come to strive mainly for material success. Material prosperity has misled us from what true happiness/true human nature is.

Originally, the meaning of human life was to achieve freedom and to have a better life; for these reasons, people fought in political revolutions with much bloodshed and loss of life. This fight continues still these days in many parts of the world. However, as soon as freedom is attained, we become victims of capitalism, which brings dehumanization caused by the effect of materialism.
The success of attaining freedom and enjoying material civilization keeps us busy with realizing material desire after another, and losing a spiritual sense of humanity. This trend has been accelerating from the beginning of the industrial revolution and through the modern stage of high finance capitalism.

Thus, AAA challenges this dehumanized world to be “back to true human nature.” This means to become an independent human being who can decide what to live for, without being distracted by material desire. AAA is the place to interact with others, questioning what the true self is all about and finally creating a spiritual identity.
Doing this ultimately changes the world as a whole because the universe consists of a collection of these spiritual bodies. Therefore, AAA is a group of human beings who are engaged in this “raison d’être.”

Yoichi Koshiishi, Director and founder of AAA.

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